Voluntad Popular elaborates violent plan for march of January 23

The First Vice-President of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (Psuv), Diosdado Cabello, denounced the so-called “Plan 23-E”, for the rescue of Leopoldo López, adding that the Anti-Coup Command “Is in knowledge of the attempts of activists of the Voluntad Popular (right wing) party to implement the Alcatraz Plan “.

Cabello said that this plan “involves generating a major event as a distracting strategy to cover up the actions of rescuing Leopoldo López from the National Center for Military Processes (CENAPROMIL), located in Ramo Verde.”

The First Vice-President of the PSUV added that “since October 2016 the surrogate deputy for Miranda state and leader of the Voluntad Popular party, Gilber Alexander Caro Alfonso, who together with Walter Antonio Mendez Parada, a former official of the Police Corp of Chacao municipality (in Caracas) and head of the security escort of Lilian Tintori (wife of Leopoldo López), have been organizing a shock structure, made up of paramilitary cells”.

“The intentions of Voluntad Popular to generate an action of a great impact at a national level, during the march of January 23, will be only a smokescreen to distract the attention of the national public opinion in order to make concrete a rescue operation of Leopoldo López from the CENAPROMIL”, added Cabello.

According to Plan 23-E – Rescue of Leopoldo López, they will try to promote “violent actions through the use of infiltrators of Voluntad Popular, posing as chavista groups in order to generate a massacre among those who attend the march.”

Cabello exhorted the PSUV to “get activated around Ramo Verde, because the Revolution and the defense of the Revolution is not only a problem of the Armed Forces, neither of Nicolás Maduro, nor the ministers, the organized people also has to be activated.”