Rodríguez: We are and will continue being part of Mercosur

“Venezuela is and will continue being part of the Southern Common Market,” ratified this Wednesday the Chancellor of the Republic, Delcy Rodríguez, at a press conference in Caracas, in response to a group of Chancellors from the bloc, who tried to suspend the country.
Regarding the controversy that the representatives of Argentina, Paraguay and Brazil intend to impose on the non-internationalization of the bloc regulation by Venezuela, she explained that in four years the nation has assumed 1,479 rules out of a total of 1,563, which represents a 95% of incorporation to the rules of the bloc.
“This indicator is superior to that of Mercosur founding countries such as Brazil and Paraguay, who in 25 years have an average incorporation of a 50%,” said the public servant.
In the opinion of the diplomat, these attacks against the country are part of a plan confabulated by the right wing and the national and international oligarchy, in order to reimpose models of social injustice and criminalization of protest in the region.