Alert! Cabello revealed details of Voluntad Popular's trojan horse plan

The first Vice President of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV), Diosdado Cabello, warned on Wednesday on the trojan horse plan which plans the Voluntad Popular (rightwing) party.
“A section of the opposition party Voluntad Popular, is in the darkness planning violent actions, far from the spirit of dialogue,” he revealed during his weekly Program “Con el Mazon Dando” (Hitting with the hammer), number 132.
Cabello explained that: “Long before Sunday October 30, the terrorists from Voluntad Popular had already set to kick the table, without even waiting for any results. Of course, with the instructions given by the Ramo Verde prison monster (referring to Leopoldo Lopez), responsible for the 43 dead and 878 wounded, victims of the “guarimbas” (riots) of 2014 “.
He reported that “behind this plan, in order of responsibilities, are the Zionist agent David Smolansky, Freddy Guevara, Juan Guaido, Gilber Caro, Alfredo Jimeno, Edmundo Rada, Luis Somaza, Rafael Del Rosario and Reinaldo Diaz, among others who move in the sewers of the Voluntad Popular party, who are playing on the noble motorbiker workers in order to use them in this dirty maneuver against the peace of the country. ”
Cabello alarmed: “We must remain on alert, the UBCH, the communal councils, the organized people. At this time there are plans to set the country on fire and try to ruin, once again, our Christmas. They have set a trojan horse plan to get to Miraflores Palace. “