Enrollment record! 80% of Venezuelan students receive free and quality education

The Venezuelan President, Nicolas Maduro, informed on Thursday, referring to the start of the 2016-2017 school year, that Venezuela broke that record with regard to the enrollment registers.
«An 80 percent of public, free and quality education. Is a powerful investment that what it does is to increase, «detailed the President from Miraflores Palace, where he held a meeting with the Vice Presidents Council in order to assess the work agenda of the Bolivarian Revolution.
He added that currently, Venezuela exceeds 95 percent of enrollment in primary education, 75 percent in secondary education and more than 90 percent in the universities.
He also noted that it has also been strengthened the expansion of the Great Social Missions, such as the case of Households of the Homeland, Mission Housing Venezuela and 100 percent Barrio Adentro.