Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay look to corral Venezuela with Mercosur

“To take the pro tempore presidency of Mercosur from Venezuela is a sad fact by Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay, it gets off the rules of diplomacy, is a political corraling there is against the country”, said on Thursday Eustoquio Contreras, deputy to the National Assembly.
In an interview for the “Primera Página” (Front Page) program, broadcast by Globovision, he described the move as an outrage against Venezuela in order to end the Bolivarian Revolution.
He considers that this measure is a blockade “and if we speak about the Inter American Democratic Charter, this could be the first strong act of its application against Venezuela”.
These positions “Serve to an international plan of economic sectors, of oligarchies and imperial appetites who have political actors in the country and who have managed to plant a matrix of opinion which is not conducive to the political stability of the nation,” said Contreras.