17th NAM Summit commits to reform of the UN Security Council

The 17th Summit of the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) to be held from September 13 to 18 on Margarita island, Nueva Esparta state, commits to the reform of the Security Council of the United Nations (UN), one of the priorities of Venezuela, the third Latin American country to lead the movement, and whose term will start this September until 2019.
Iran, during its passage through the presidency of the NAM, stressed the need for democratization of the executive organ of the UN, to end the double standards in international relations and to advance towards building a more transparent and effective system.
At this meeting, which will start in the next few hours, the core agenda will focus on the promotion and defense of world peace, one of the fundamental principles of the movement, as said Chancellor Delcy Rodríguez.
Under the slogan “United by the path of Peace” , the NAM seeks to follow the founding pillar of promoting a new international economic and also informative order, which makes visible to those excluded.
Venezuela, a country that will assume the direction of the movement until 2019, participated first as an observer in 1964 and it was in 1989 when it was admitted as a full member in the 9th Summit held in Belgrade.