"US Empire lashes out against progressive initiatives of the peoples"

The President of the Republic, Nicolas Maduro, reiterated on Wednesday that the US imperialism is behind the coups d’ etat that have occurred in Latin America in recent years, such as those in Honduras, Paraguay and Brazil.
“The US empire attacks the right of the Latin American peoples to have new humanist, left wing, revolutionary, progressive options, we must thank God because our Commander left us as a free people, and we will continue being free”, said the Head of State during a meeting of the Council of Ministers held in Miraflores Palace.
He also said that all these coups d’ etat “Are shaping a regressive picture of threats against the social rights, against democracies, against freedom, orchestrated by the multimillionaire financial oligarchy that pacts with its soul to the devil.”
In this regard, the President reiterated his support for the President of Brazil, Dilma Rousseff.
“I told Dilma, the story is not over yet, it is now that begins a new history in Brazil, it counts with Venezuela, with Bolivar, with our people, we are on the same path, on the same struggle, and we will have the same fate, that of the victory of the peoples”, he detailed.
Regarding the attacks against Venezuela, the National President called on the people to raise awareness. “We have to stop the coup d’ etat that is underway and get mobilized, knock down fascism with all the masks they may mounted”.