De-dollarization process will stop hegemonic attacks against countries

The Executive Vice President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Delcy Rodríguez, affirmed the de-dollarization process must be carried out, which will allow the United States government to not use its currency as an instrument of attack and economic aggression against countries not aligned with its intentions. and hegemonic pretensions.

During the cycle of presentations, “Financial Integration” of the 9th Meeting of the Puebla Group, which took place in Mexico, Rodríguez explained that the nascent global financial architecture “will also allow marketing in our local currencies; regionalize trade with own currencies; buy, save and perfect the mechanisms.”

Given the above, she assured that financing in the region and debt in the currencies of each country in the region can be privileged:

Latin America and the Caribbean have 845 million dollars of liquid assets in Western banks. It means that what was approved by the International Monetary Fund reaches only 6%, and hence the need for political will with integration and union mechanisms,” said the Executive Vice President.