President Maduro calls Ramos Allup for the fifth time to dialogue

For the fifth time, the Venezuelan Head of State, through his “Contacto con Maduro” (Contact with Maduro), summoned Deputy Henry Ramos, Chairman of the bourgeois National Assembly, to dialogue, because “Venezuela wants us to solve the problems, wants peace “.
From the Strategic Operational Command of the FANB in Fort Tiuna, Caracas, he invited Ramos Allup to talk, “You as Chairman of the National Assembly, and Me as the President of the Republic.”
In this regard, the President explained that at the roundtable he wants to discuss three points: “One, the functioning of the Commission for the Truth, justice, reparation for the victims, and a national process of reunion and national reconciliation, for them to abandon the armed struggle, the sabotage on which have been tucked the main opposition parties. Second point, the economic recovery of the country and the incorporation of the political factors of the opposition to the plans for the economic recovery, and the ceasing of the economic warfare. Third point, coexistence and respect between constitutional authorities of the country, coexistence and respect. These are three points that I put on the table. ”
He further noted that the bourgeois AN is governed by the US embassy, “what is done and not done and the main deputies go to the embassy in order to receive anything”, he added.