Venezuela gets in solidarity with peoples of Bangladesh and Iraq after terrorist attacks

The National Government, on behalf of the Venezuelans, got in solidarity with the peoples of Bangladesh and Iraq, victims of terrorist attacks this weekend.
As it will be recalled, in Bangladesh 28 people were killed and 30 others resulted injured last Friday after an attack on a restaurant in Dhaka, capital of the country, while in Badgad, the Iraqi capital, the explosion of a car bomb left about 125 dead people. Responsibility for both attacks was claimed by self-called Islamic State (ISIS).
Following, the text:
The Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela expresses its deepest condolences to the Governments and peoples of Bangladesh and Iraq, as well as the Governments and peoples who also suffered casualties in the attacks in Dhaka, capital of Bangladesh and in the districts of Karrada and Sha ‘ab in the Republic of Iraq.
The Venezuelan Government extends its feelings of indignation and sadness for these unfortunate events, and deplores any hidden intention on them to discredit the Muslim religion as violent and intolerant, right when they are amidst the celebration of their holy month, the Ramadan, and therefore reaffirms its strong condemnation of terrorism in all its forms and expressions.
We sent a message of encouragement and solidarity to the survivors and the relatives of the dozens of victims in these sensitive moments of pain affecting the international peace and stability.
The Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela calls on the international community to address the causes of terrorism and to finally cut the supply of logistics and funding to these extreme groups that massively violate the human rights of innocent people.
Caracas, July 3, 2016
Vzla. Chancellery
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20:37 – July 3, 2016