President Maduro warned: Duque plans murders of police and military in Venezuela

President Nicolás Maduro alerted the international community that Iván Duque would be planning from Colombia the assassination of Venezuelan police and military personnel, as well as the attack on barracks, through the entry of mercenaries and criminals through illegal trails along the Colombian-Venezuelan border.

President Nicolás Maduro explained that the fundamental objective is “to kill police officers so that they lose their morale and then attack police and military barracks”, all this before the departure of Duque from the Presidency of Colombia, scheduled for August 7:

Iván Duque is leaving, and he is desperate to hurt Venezuela. He has activated plans with criminal gangs by states and infiltrating the border, groups of mobsters who come to attack the police and military, the public force”, he denounced.

From the Teresa Carreño Theater, in Caracas, he pointed out that “we are behind these plans with strategic, police and popular intelligence,” while at the same time instructing ministers, governors and mayors to remain alert in order to “neutralize and defeat plans of violence that come from the narco-government of Colombia”.

It is worth remembering that in early April, the Head of State indicated that extremist sectors intended to carry out terrorist attacks, as well as sabotage against public services and economic activity in Venezuela in compliance with an express order from Iván Duque.

Among the main targets of attack would be the National Electric System (SEN) and the drinking water service. Likewise, cells of the extreme right wing would seek to stop the process of recovery and economic growth that is taking place in Venezuela.