"If they intervene Venezuela, the Revolution will radicalize", warned the President

“If any day the strength of the imperial right wing would approve a plan to suspend, exclude or intervene in the country, you can be assured that my pulse will not tremble to take the most radical measures I can take, authorized by the Constitution and the Venezuelan people, my pulse will not tremble to radicalize the Revolution. ”
This warning was made by the President of the Republic, Nicolas Maduro, regarding the threats looming over the nation.
He added that, if as a result of the intolerant obsession of Henry Ramos Allup, and the interventional insistence of the international right wing Venezuela were to be intervened, must prevail “the union of all patriots to defend peace, sovereignty, integrity and this sacred land of liberators”.
He noted that the Revolution is passing through a “decisive test” in 2016, and therefore the revolutionaries must be attentive to the call that he will do as President for the defense of the national sovereignty.
He clarified that in Venezuela should be imposed the spirit of peace, above any threats. “We say to the opposition that in the country there will be peace, with you, without you, or against you. Concord, coexistence and peace are my slogans”.