Diaz Rangel: Opposition and Almagro were isolated and unsupported in the OAS

At this time, the opposition has been left just as the secretary general of the Organization of American States (OAS), Luis Almagro: isolated and without any support point within the body. Thus was assured on Sunday by the political analyst Eleazar Diaz Rangel, who highlighted the support of the 19 countries that backed the request of Venezuela to defend its sovereignty and independence from imperial pretensions.
In this regard, he expressed his confidence on that Venezuela will be victorious on Tuesday, June 21, when the extraordinary Permanent Council of the Organization of American States (OAS) will be held.
In the «José Vicente Hoy» (José Vicente Today) program, he also exposed that the meeting requested by chancellor John Kerry to Delcy Rodríguez produces an unexpected victory for the homeland of Bolivar and Chavez. «I think they valued the importance and weight that Venezuela has in Latin America and the world (…) that’s what made them change their opinion.»
The also director of the «Ultimas Noticias» newspaper also said that the opposition deceives their followers and the Venezuelan people regarding the reviking referendum, explaining that it is not possible to make it this year because it was not requested in due time, this is, in January.
Finally, he said that the dialogue between the opposition and the Government should prevail, and it must be without conditions, adding the international shows of support. «The lines of international support for dialogue will force the opposition to review its behavior,» affirmed the journalist and political analyst.