President Maduro supervises progress of BRICOMILES: Announced private schools will also be approached

In a work journey carried out from Miraflores Palace, President Nicolás Maduro affirmed that the recovery of the infrastructures of educational establishments and health centers throughout the country, in civic-military union, is the fundamental objective of the Military Community Brigades for Education and Health (Bricomiles).

In this context, he assured that in addition to public educational institutions, the Bricomiles will extend their approach «to private schools to support them with their infrastructure.»

When there is a problem that you believe has no solution, summon the people and you will see that the solution arises. Let us always trust in the people, in the worst circumstances, and let us always seek the support of the people”, he pointed out.

Based on this idea, the formation of the Bricomiles arose with the arm of a popular power full of “experience, leadership, training”, and a consolidated military power with its morale and its ability to work.

Health Centers must be at 100%:

During the development of this journey, the Head of State instructed to repair the institutions of the health sector 100% and to guarantee total attention to the communities:

There cannot be a single clinic without doctors, nurses and medicines. Everyone must be covered”, he directed.

Within the framework of this initiative, to date 11,005 Bricomiles have been activated for health centers, while 23,832 brigades have been integrated for the education sector.

These brigades aim to address the needs of the country’s educational and health centers, an action that allows, after corresponding evaluations, to carry out repair work on the infrastructures that have been reported through the VenApp application.