Great invincible strength of the Venezuelan people is communication

They censor the Venezuelan affirmative, they ban the presidential candidate, Nicolás Maduro, (have him) persecuted, blocked, but it doesn’t matter, with the strength of the people the team wins. The surnames are not going to be able to defeat us, we are going to build a new communication system, for every moment an answer, for every problem a solution. I have been repeating it: from the streets to the networks, from the networks to the media, from the media to the walls and radio bemba (word of mouth). That is the great invincible force of the people,” expressed the president of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, through social networks.

In that sense, the head of state, during his “Con Maduro+” program, indicated that the right wing’s method is to “cease us, cover us up (…) They make shows, but what is not a show, nor a comic, is the Chavista people in the street, that is not a show, that is people, and the number of people who have taken to the streets in defense of the country is impressive.”

In reference to this, he added that the order has been given, and it is the mobilization of the organized people, in an encompassing manner in the localities, through social networks to combat the sanctions and blockade imposed by the United States Government: “It is important to call in the neighborhood, in the area, in the parish, and then we will go up to the municipality, but we will go by area, accumulating forces, mobilizing forces. The United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV), all its leaders, must be activated.”

Furthermore, he assured that on July 28, with the victory of the people of Venezuela in the presidential race, “such a powerful message will be sent to the world that we are going to defeat the sanctions and they will have to lift them.”

They put us in a difficult situation and we learned, they are not going to defeat us. “Venezuela is going to grow, with its own methods, obtaining the technology, creating our innovations, we will turn their sanctions into useless measures, this people is not going to give up,” he added.