The national leader arrived in the western entity being welcomed by the people of Yaracuy state, who saw him inaugurate the new Río Claro Aqueduct, in the Cocorote municipality of Yaracuy state, which will benefit more than 32,000 people in that entity.

The Río Claro System is composed of an intake dam with a capacity of 120 liters per second, a sand trap (sand retainer) and an adduction of approximately 3,600 linear meters of 4-inch pipes (six lines of 600 meters each), which facilitates the conduction of water to the Cocorote Water Treatment Plant.

Works in Yaracuy:

The surgical services of the “Dr. Plácido D. Rodríguez” Central Hospital, located in the San Felipe municipality, are strengthened with the activation of three new operating rooms intended for elective surgeries for patients from Yaracuy, Lara and Falcón states.

Recovered from the determined work of the working class, recovery areas with capacity for eight patients and pre-anesthesia areas for four patients came into operation, as well as storage rooms for sterile material and specialized equipment, administrative offices and common spaces for the rest of the doctors and nurses staff.