Comptroller General of the Republic rejects Guaidó’s actions to prevent the arrival of gasoline to the country

The Comptroller General of the Republic, Elvis Amoroso, rejected this Thursday the new actions promoted by Juan Guaidó and “his gang of criminals”, who in alliance with the Government of Donald Trump are doing the impossible to prevent Iranian ships loaded with gasoline from reaching Venezuelan territory.

It is sad to see you, Venezuelans, making long lines because of Juan Guaidó and his allies. They have become billionaires in exchange for the suffering of our people”, said the representative of the Comptroller Body through an audio.

As a consequence of the blockade and cruelty of the North American Government against the people of Venezuela, the Iranian tankers who come with a new shipment of fuel have been forced to take a longer and more dangerous route by having to border the African coasts at the southern end of the mother continent to bypass geolocation systems, so it is estimated that they will arrive in the country at the end of September.

After receiving the first shipment of Iranian fuel, the country tried to make a second transaction negotiated under the FOB (free on board) modality, that is, the fuel already belonged to Venezuela even inside the Iranian-flagged vessel; however, the ship was intercepted and the cargo was seized by the North American fleet.

Amoroso ratified that the financial harassment promoted by Guaidó has also allowed the dispossession of assets of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela abroad, including the Citgo and Monómeros companies. To this he added the sale of the gold of all Venezuelans, which was in London.

He noted that 150 countries in the world acknowledge the legitimate and constitutional government of President Nicolás Maduro Moros, while only a small group of 44 countries are determined to block and destroy the homeland, as reported a press release from the Comptroller General of the Republic.

Venezuela is a sovereign country, Venezuela respects itself; Venezuelans do not deserve so much mistreatment, ”said Amoroso.

In the same way, he asserted that preventing a nation from buying supplies to make fuel, as well as gasoline already finished, fits into the category of crime against humanity, especially in a pandemic situation, which implies solidarity must exist for humanitarian reasons.