ALBA ratifies support and sovereignty of the 2024 presidential elections

The Bolivarian Alliance for the Peoples of Our Americas (ALBA), ratifies support for the presidential elections that will be held on July 28 in Venezuela, as a sample of the democratic vitality of the Bolivarian Revolution and the right to sovereignty and self-determination of the Venezuelan people, to celebrate their electoral process away from the interference attempts by the United States:

As a movement, we have visited the homeland of Bolívar and Chávez on several occasions, and we have seen first-hand the operation of their electoral system, which, like few others in the world, has verification and transparency mechanisms that guarantee the veracity of its results”, as they express it in the statement.

In this sense, they also mention that “Venezuela, unlike other Latin American and Caribbean democracies, has tested its electoral system on more than 27 occasions in just 25 years, with the development of presidential, municipal, regional elections, referendums and consultations, such as the one that will take place on April 21 in more than 4,500 community projects throughout the national territory. They have been observed by international organizations that have accredited their veracity and transparency, with technical mechanisms for verifying results, unlike the elections in other countries in the region.

That electoral system that today the so-called “international community” views with concern, has been acknowledged in these 25 years whenever the results favor the Venezuelan opposition: this was the case with the victory of the opposition in the National Assembly in 2015, and in the regional elections in 2021 where the opposition won numerous mayoralties and governorships. It is evident how their concern is expressed when it is not the interests of US imperialism that can benefit.

The alleged denounces against the Venezuelan electoral system that seek to disown the upcoming presidential elections and the disinformation campaign that has been launched, are nothing more than a new chapter in the long attempts by the United States to intervene and interfere in the political sovereigntyof the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela. Faced with this, ALBA Movements will once again be together with the Venezuelan people to defend the flags of Bolívar, Commander Chávez, President Nicolás Maduro, and the revolutionary project that for more than 25 years has illuminated us like a beacon from the Mountain Barracks.

At ALBA Movements we ratify our support for the presidential elections that will be held on July 28 in Venezuela.

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ALBA Movements (@movimientosalba) April 1, 2024