Plan for the future of the Bolivarian Government is built with proposals from the people

The 7T Plan proposed by the president of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, for the recovery, transformation, development and well-being of the nation, is built with the proposals compacted in the more than 63 debate assemblies that were held in the country.

This was stated by the National President during a work meeting with the Expanded Political High Command, held at the Simón Bolívar Monumental Stadium, in Caracas.

From that space, he asserted that the future plan towards 2030 is designed by the hand of the People’s Power and not by elites, imperialism, surnames or transnational companies: “We are designing the future with the only one who can design the future, with the ordinary people, with the grassroots people, with the People’s Power, with the wonderful minds of a country that thinks, that dreams and loves our country. That is the truth of the 7Ts, the 7 transformations that the people build, for its happiness, for its future,” he stressed.

Likewise, he announced that these proposals are already being evaluated with special attention to those that require immediate action, in addition, he highlighted the wisdom of the people to propose solutions in “relevant, viable and totally necessary” areas.

He explained that (in) each document received as a product of the debates, there are “short-term proposals that force us to act without delay, there are medium-term proposals that have their sights set on 2026-2027 and already point to the structural and strategic scopes, and there are long-term bets that point to 2030 and the decade that begins there.”

President Maduro also highlighted this Monday Venezuela’s progress in economic matters during the first two months of 2024: “The month of March has begun, this year is accelerated, beautiful, it is a year of improvement and deployment, of improvement of the economy, evidently, the best Januarys and Februarys lived since 2010, in concrete numbers,” he specified.