Let no one be left without voting! Maduro asked the people to mobilize this May-20

The candidate of the Ample Front of the Homeland, Nicolás Maduro, used social networks to communicate with the Venezuelan people with the following message: “Let no one stay at home without voting!”

The standard-bearer of the revolutionary forces reminded the militancy that only together they could create “a change and a new horizon”, so he asked for the vote of the electorate on May 20 when elections are held in the country for the President of the Republic and members of regional legislative councils.

He said that, of being elected, he will undertake a real struggle to eradicate the mafias that threaten the people’s right to food.

Nicolás Maduro
“Let no one stay at home without voting! Only together a change and a new horizon is possible, if you give a great victory to this humble worker, I guarantee economic peace and that we will defeat the mafias that punish the People. I swear to you! #VoteForMaduro”
9:31 – 10 May 2018