Paid tribute to the remains of General Sifontes in Ciudad Bolívar

In Ciudad Bolívar, local authorities received the remains of General Domingo Antonio Sifontes at the headquarters of the Congress of Angostura del Orinoco, after being exhumed in the Municipal Cemetery of Tumeremo, Bolívar state, to be transferred to the National Pantheon, in tribute to this hero and defender of the Venezuelan sovereignty, who left a historical legacy in the nation by expelling in 1895 the English men who tried to occupy the Essequibo territory.

Likewise, during the solemn ceremony to the “Terror of the English”, as the Venezuelan patriot is known, was present the governor of the entity, Ángel Marcano; the sole authority of the Guayana Esequiba state, Alexis Rodríguez Cabello, and other leaders and political representatives of the region and the country.

General Domingo Sifontes, born in Cantaura, Anzoátegui state, is recognized for preventing on January 2, 1895 the attempt to take control of El Callao, Upata, Tumeremo and El Dorado by a group of British men.

It should be noted that the remains of General Sifontes will be transferred from Bolívar state, to pass through the Anzoátegui and Miranda states, and then arrive at the capital city, where they will arrive at the National Pantheon, located in the Libertador municipality of Caracas.