Venezuela rejects attempt to commit theft of aircraft sequestered in Argentina

The Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela issued a statement this Wednesday, January 3, in which it categorically rejects and condemns the decision made by the Argentine federal judge, Federico Villena, who attempts to carry out the theft of the aircraft belonging to the Cargo del Sur Transportation company (EMTRASUR), sequestered in Argentina since June 2022, as reported the chancellor Yván Gil, on his account on the X social network.

Following, the full text of the communique:

The Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela categorically rejects and condemns the decision, in all views serving imperial interests, taken by judge Federico Villena, which tries to consummate the theft of the Venezuelan aircraft belonging to the Cargo Del Sur company (EMTRASUR), sequestered since June 2022 in the Argentinean Republic.

With this illegal decision, the Argentine state submits to the powers of the US Imperialism, and flagrantly violates the Convention on International Civil Aviation, the Convention of Vienna on the Law of Treaties, the UN Charter, the Bilateral Convention between the Republic of Argentina and the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, and other agreements relative to the International Air Navigation and Human Rights.

Venezuela has demonstrated, before all the International Legal and Political stances, the legal and legitimate possession of the aforementioned aircraft, dedicated to the service of transporting items of primary need in our region. The behavior of pillage, piracy and vassalage by the Argentine Justice and Government, trespass their own legislation, and make said nation into a serious violator of the international legality in commercial and aeronautical matters.

The Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela will perform all the legal, diplomatic and political measures to safeguard the rights that assist it. In such sense, it alerts the international community, and specially the Latin American countries, on that any illegal measure that allows the overseeing and support to consummate this theft, will be duly interpreted as a hostile act of support to the vandalistic behavior against a sovereign nation.”

Caracas, January 03, 2024.