5×5 machinery refines strategies for next Sunday in Defense of Essequibo

During the Meeting with the 5×5 Machinery in Defense of Essequibo, the president of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, reported that the Local Supply and Production Committees (CLAP) are coordinating to participate massively next Sunday, December 3 in the consultative referendum, in defense of Guayana Esequiba.

This force already has 46,338 CLAP formed throughout the country.

In this regard, the Minister of People’s Power for Alimentation, M/G Carlos Leal Tellería, reported to the National President about the articulated work that the CLAPs have been developing within the communities with the holding of popular assemblies and conferences, to stimulate the vote.

He highlighted that through this work have already been reached 6,240,000 people through the 1×10 system, who will vote next Sunday:

Now we will multiply, the Whole Venezuela definitely, and we are now going with the 5 × 5 for next December 3, telling the world that, five times “yes”, the Essequibo is and will forever be ours,” he noted.

In this context, President Maduro called “for all CLAP to have their board, their national room, their state room, their municipal room, their parish room, to coordinate the campaign closing mobilization plan, to hand out flyers and of work.” for December 3.”

The Head of State stressed that the communal councils and communes are already activated for the next election day, and the former already have 49,182 communal councils in their ranks.

He also emphasized that the work of the communal councils is crucial, because it is far-reaching: “Approximately 12 million residents are reached.”

For his part, the Minister of People’s Power for Communes and Social Movements, Jorge Arreaza, ratified the significance of the task carried out by the communal spokespersons, who already have organizational methods that they will activate for the electoral process:

The instruction that they have given themselves is to meet at the tricolor points with the comrades of the militia, with the comrades of the structures of our parties, with the comrades of the CLAP, to harmonize all the processes, to compare the different electoral rolls and lists that we have, and to organize a single mobilization logistics for next December 3rd.”

The Dignitary reported that the fifth component of the Bolivarian National Armed Forces (FANB), the militia force, will join the deployment to defend the vote and guarantee that the entire journey takes place without problems:

We have a force already organized, prepared, trained, activated, which exceeds a million militia men and women ready for combat, in defense of peace, independence, sovereignty, in defense of the Homeland.”

Likewise, the general coordinator of the 3R.Nets Congress of the New Era, Héctor Rodríguez, pointed out that the platform encompasses 43 social movements and 264 columns, which carry out work at a territorial and sectoral level, which is divided into various sectors (women, youth, students, Afro-descendants, indigenous peoples, workers, farmers, international communities, people with disabilities, among others), tunes up its machinery for the journey in favor of Venezuela.

With the launch of a digital application, all the unions that are part of Congress will concentrate, to multiply efforts:

All the columns can download this APP called “Venezuela Toda” and receive the news of what is happening in the campaign command, register their different communities, their different organizations, their different social movements, they can make their contact list that they want to mobilize, because this campaign is a campaign that has gone beyond the movements, the parties, apart from the social movements,” said Rodríguez.