This Friday and Saturday will be held military exercises throughout the country

The President of the Republic, Nicolas Maduro, announced that on Friday, May 20 and Saturday, May 21, will take place throughout the national territory “People’s Military Exercises – Independence 2016”, in which will participate 519,000 combatants.
In a national joint radio and television broadcast made from Anzoategui state, where was held a journey of the Fish Fair corresponding to the Agro-Alimentary Motor, he detailed that the People’s Military Exercise is being made within the context of the National Security Plan for Homeland Defense.
The Head of State also reported that the military exercises will be activated in the 7 Strategic Regions of National Defense (Redi) in 24 operating areas of Integral Defense (Zod) in the 99 areas of integral defense in 19 brigades of the Army and Block and Marines commands, Navy Coast Guard and groups of the Bolivarian Military Aviation, as well as six brigades of anti-air defense.
“The people and the Armed Forces developing this exercise. Let nobody mess with Venezuela, if you want Peace, you have to guarantee the security for the people of Venezuela to be respected”, he said.