Rebellion of NOV-27 was the day of the rebirth of the Bolivarian Aviation

From Maracay, Aragua state, the president of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, exalted the historical date of November 27, 1992, as the day of the rebirth of the Bolivarian Military Aviation, and “the day of the rebellion against the International Monetary Fund, the political, economic and social crisis in which the country found itself, under a government that responded to US imperialist interests.

During the broadcast of the “Con Maduro+” program, in its 27th edition, the head of state highlighted that “Maracay became the cradle of the Revolution, the cradle of the Bolivarian Revolutionary Movement 200, and of the crossroads of the liberating armies of America, “Maracay is the epicenter of the resurrection of Venezuela.”

Here we are celebrating 103 years of the foundation, and 31 of the refoundation of the Bolivarian Military Aviation,” said President Maduro, and highlighted that 31 years ago, thanks to Commander Hugo Chávez, the generation of men and women of leadership emerged, to confront imperialism with a critical and self-critical vision.

In this sense, he asked to maintain this leadership based on effort, on example, on the depth of thought, which in his opinion, “must be pedagogical, and leave substance in the minds of everyone, from the boys and girls of the Homeland; the youth, which occupies a predominant space in the life of the country, to the men and women, as Hugo Chávez, who was a leader of leaders, taught us.”