Vice President Delcy Rodriguez: We have come to defeat Guyana’s claim of judicial colonialism

The Executive Vice President, Delcy Rodriguez, asserted that Venezuela qualifies this action as a judicial colonization of Guyana and an unprecedented event in the Court that has no legal basis:

This is an extravagance, an outrage,” said Delcy Rodríguez in this regard.

Guyana has not been transparent and has manipulated, and has victimized itself,” said the Vice President, who recalled that it is Guyana who, with the Southern Command, threatens the peace and stability of the region with joint military exercises:

They are fleeing from the Geneva agreement because they refuse a practical and satisfactory solution for both parties. “They want to validate a precarious possession that they have of a territory that they have had no title or right to that territory but instead inherited a dispossession through fraud,” she stated.

In this regard, she reiterated that Venezuela does not and will not validate the fraudulent arbitration award of 1899, a historical position criminalized by Guyana with childish manipulation.

Unsubstantiated allegations:

During this Tuesday’s hearing at the ICJ, Guyana presented arguments requesting provisional measures in response to the Venezuelan referendum.

Among them, was shown a video published on the day of the start of the campaign for the referendum by the Minister of Defense, Vladimir Padrino López. In this regard, the lawyers alleged that the patriotic trot was a threat to their country because the military is preparing, according to Guyana, to militarily defend Guyana Esequiba.

Lawyer Paul Reichler justified Guyana’s decision to seek provisional measures to block the referendum due to the implications for Guyana’s continued illegal control over the Essequibo:

The urgency is shown in the imminent referendum that will be held in less than three weeks, which would be the trigger for the execution of Venezuela’s annexation plans and in the preparations of the national Bolivarian Armed Forces to secure Venezuela’s claim on the territory”.

One of the questions seeks an inevitable vote for the granting of Venezuelan citizenship and identity card in accordance with the Geneva agreement and international law, consequently incorporating the State on the map of Venezuelan territory.