Bolivarian Government and Unitary Platform sign partial agreements for political guarantees

As part of the renewal of the dialogue between the national government and the Unitary Platform of the Venezuelan opposition, in Barbados, this Tuesday, two political agreements were signed between both parties, with the aim of guaranteeing understanding and peace. of the nation, as well as rejecting any form of violence and actions that threaten the sovereignty of the Homeland.

The first agreement has to do with the promotion of political rights and electoral guarantees for all, where a set of guidelines were established, based on respect for the Constitution and the laws of the Republic; and the second, with the protection of the vital interests of the nation, as well as the lifting of sanctions and respect for the self-determination and sovereignty of Venezuela.

Both delegations recognize the right of each party to choose their candidates freely and to circulate throughout the national territory, as well as to go to the National Electoral Council to establish and agree on electoral guarantees for the upcoming elections.

In this sense, the parties established for the electoral process to be carried out for the second half of 2024, as established in the Constitution of the Republic, they also agreed to update and purge the Electoral Registry (ER), with information campaigns and establishment of registration points, as well as updating RE data abroad, holding identification sessions throughout the national territory and carrying out all the audits planned by the Electoral Branch.

Likewise, the agreement establishes the request for invitation of technical and election observation missions, including the European Union, the African Union, inter-American organizations, the UN, the Carter Center, among other national and international representations, which want to witness the elections that take place in Venezuela. Likewise, it is agreed to promote a public discourse and a political climate without external interference and the rejection by both parties of any form of violence and actions that threaten the sovereignty and peace of Venezuela.

In the second partial agreement, the parties agreed to protect the vital interests of the nation, in this section, the lifting of sanctions and the blockade against the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela will be promoted, the release of assets abroad, as well as such as respect for institutions and the unwavering defense of Guayana Essequiba.

The facilitator on behalf of the Kingdom of Norway, Dag Nylander, highlighted the will demonstrated by both parties in recent weeks and assured that “it is an example of what can be achieved when everyone comes together for the well-being of the people.” He also announced that “the dialogue and negotiation table between the Bolivarian Government of Venezuela and the Unitary Platform have demonstrated significant progress on essential issues although there is still much to do” and congratulated the main delegates, Jorge Rodríguez, on behalf of the Bolivarian Government and Gerardo Blyde, for the opposition.