Venezuela rejects Guyana’s disowning of the 1966 Geneva Agreement

The Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela rejects the statement issued by the Cooperative Republic of Guyana, on September 30, in which it seeks to disown the Geneva Agreement of 1966, and demands the Guyanese government to desist from its conduct that is subservient to the interests of the Exxon Mobil company, a transnational that prohibits it from resuming sovereign dialogue and finding the diplomatic path to resolve the territorial controversy of Guayana Essequiba.

The Guyanese Government “obviously disowns the fundamental premise of said agreement, which was agreed between Venezuela and the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, before the Cooperative Republic of Guyana existed,” signs the letter from the Venezuelan Government, released by the Minister for Foreign Relations, Yván Gil.

In this sense, the Venezuelan Chancellor urged the Government of Guyana to stop the militarization of the area; to adhere to international legality and sit at the negotiating table “as the only mechanism for the resolution of the territorial controversy” of Guayana Essequiba.