President Maduro: We have to promote practical cooperation with a greater impact

“We have to promote practical cooperation with a greater impact, at a higher level in education; Science and technology cannot be separated from education, we have to link it and we have to promote practical operations between regions and between countries.”

The words correspond to the president of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro Moros, during his speech at the G77+China plenary session, adding that it is necessary to intertwine and strengthen technological cooperation alliances with member countries that are powers in the area.

He highlighted the importance of the contribution of countries that are powerhouses in technology “to advance further in access to knowledge and technology applied to health, a fundamental element; applied to agriculture and the development of industry; applied to the development and management of outer space, which we cannot renounce no matter how small our countries may be.”

President Maduro indicated the importance of technology that contributes to telecommunications and also the need for a law that regulates the use of the Internet, because this technology is applied as a tool against nations that focus their governments in favor of the people:

“Knowledge, science and technology applied to telecommunications: applied to social networks and the Internet; If there is something where there is a marked gap and that all of our people know, it is the management of the Internet (…). This is how social networks can have a dominant and fundamental impact on the social and communicational life of our countries; without the possibility for national states to have any type of guidance, regulation as would be necessary,” he denounced.

The Venezuelan Head of State and Government reiterated that it is “necessary to prioritize the application of knowledge, science and technology to achieve communication independence in the phenomenon of the Internet and social networks.”