The people has led more than 350 self-convened mobilizations at the local level

The President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, highlighted that, up to date have been carried out 374 self-convened popular mobilizations locally, which means that more than 2,800,000 Venezuelans have mobilized in their communities.

During the Meeting with the Community Governments of theLa Guaira state, he applauded the popular mobilizations that have developed with an important participation of men and women, as well as social movements.

In here there are no buses (to bring people from one place to another), in here we don’t pay motorists, in here the people goes out of their own free will, out of their own conscience, for love of the country, for support of the Revolution, that’s why people go out on the streets,” said the Venezuelan head of state, when thanking his people.

With a forceful speech, the President called to continue making the country and go for more victories, because “they have not been able to defeat us and they will never be able to defeat the people of Bolívar, the people of Chávez,” he stressed.

During the journey, one of the leaders of the Catia La Mar parish, Náyades Pérez, highlighted the work being carried out in the community, with the support of the National Government.

She described the integral 4×4 system (work within the framework of union of the Missions and Great Missions, the State institutions and the United Socialist Party of Venezuela) and explained that “it is made up of 42 street teams, 140 community teams, 907 street teams, Missions and Great Missions, Youth, the Francisco de Miranda Front, military, police, civic-military union”.

The spokeswoman pointed out that this mechanism is the force that guides the Bolivarian Revolution, and allows ratifying the will of the people and its conscience against the attack of the empire.