Venezuela contributes ideas in technical-scientific areas for the conservation of the Amazon

The sectoral vice president for Science, Technology, Education and Health, Gabriela Jiménez, highlighted the proposals in technical-scientific areas of Venezuela, at the Amazon Summit 2023, which takes place in Brazil, with the participation of authorities from the eight Amazon countries (Brazil, Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, Bolivia, Peru, Guyana and Suriname), and acknowledges the potential and highlights the joint participation of leaders, people and social movements:

This is the fourth Amazon Summit, and it comes from some 45 years of organization of the treaty of understanding, but today marks a before and after, a more reflective act of the eight republics that today make up the most important biome in the world, that it is the Amazon biome, but that, in addition, in environmental matters, it contributes 20% of the planet’s water and that it is a bioregulator, biocontroller of climate change”, said the also Minister for Science and Technology.

Jiménez pointed out that the development of measures in favor of the preservation of the Amazon must be a collective and conscious construction, based on scientific and technological knowledge:

This is a meeting to reflect, to establish comprehensive policies among the eight republics, but which also convenes the social movements, within the framework of the Amazonian dialogues, with five tables that have consulted the regional governments, the mayors, academics, Afro-descendant social movements, and indigenous peoples who are fundamental here, we are talking about more than 40 million inhabitants in terms of indigenous peoples”, she exemplified.