President advocates for a UN that restores the rights of the Palestinian people

The Venezuelan head of state advocated this Monday for a United Nations Organization (UN) that finds the way to restore the integral rights of the Palestinian people:

“All our solidarity with the Palestinian people”, he emphasized in his “Con Maduro +” program, when responding, from the Al Mayadeen Network, to an Egyptian writer and analyst who provided an international context and consulted the Venezuelan president about some events in the Arab world, as well as the situation in Venezuela.

President Maduro indicated, in this sense, that the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela endorses the cause of the independence of Palestine, as well as its dignity, peace, recovery and territorial integrity, in accordance with the mandates of the United Nations Organization:

We are in solidarity with the Palestinian people, with the Palestinian youth, with the Palestinian women in their fight against the abuses of the terrorist governments that from the State of Israel massacre them, assassinate dozens, hundreds of young Palestinians every week, months, years,” said the Dignitary.

He urged that the voice of the Arab world must be raised in a united way, into a single voice of the Arab world and the brave peoples of the world, to say: “Enough of the massacre against the Palestinian people.”


On the other hand, in the international field, the Head of State said that the BRICS, a multilateral entity that brings together Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa, “are important in the construction of a new world, which is the driving force of the emergence of the multipolar world”.

He valued the expansion process this instance is currently undergoing, to give participation to new countries:

Venezuela made its proposal to join the BRICS, we hope it will be positively valued by China, Brazil, India, South Africa and Russia. We hope for a positive response so that Venezuela sooner rather than later enters the dynamics of the BRICS to learn, support and help”, recalled the head of state.


In cultural matters, the President regretted the death of Reynaldo Pérez Só, a Venezuelan poet, a native of Carabobo state:

“This poet has left a work, he has left a legacy: An unpublished book called Ñangaras,” he said when ordering the publishing funds of the Venezuelan State to pay tribute to the artist with its publication.

Along these lines, he asked: “May it (the book) come to light as soon as possible and may it be known as the last work of this great man of the Venezuelan possession (…) A great poet, a simple man.”