President Maduro announces creation of Fund for the Recovery of Las Tejerías

The President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, made a visit on Monday to the city of Las Tejerías, El Beisbol sector, in Aragua state, to inspect the progress of the recovery and care work for the families affected by the landslide caused by the rains last Saturday, October 8:

“We are working and recovering, step by step,” he asserted during his tour of the sector.

“Seven days ago we were here and we have advanced a lot, in a scale from 1 to 10, we are on 3, there is still a long way to go, we have not rested, this is an interrupted job, the catastrophe was strong”, he sentenced.

After the tour, he announced the creation of the Special Fund for the Recovery of Las Tejerías, an entity that will coordinate the resources and contributions of the National Executive, as well as the private sector and international aid destined to support the sectors affected by this contingency.

Before the community of Las Tejerías, street chief men and women and UBCh, the Head of State ratified his accompaniment and the word of guarantee that Las Tejerías will be reborn, after listening to the proposals of the local inhabitants.

Likewise, he confirmed the figure of 54 deceased and 8 missing due to the Las Tejerías tragedy.

Attentive for El Castaño:

The head of state referred to the overflow of the El Castaño river, in Maracay, registered this Monday, and before which the security and risk management agencies remain activated:

“Today a heavy rain fell in El Castaño, (in the) city of Maracay, there is a lot of mud there, the rainfalls have hit us hard, this is climate change”, he said, as part of the passage of tropical wave number 44, “out of 65 (waves), there are still 21 tropical waves to go”, he warned.

From Las Tejerías, he announced the immediate mobilization of the national authorities headed by himself, to El Castaño, where he regretted that unofficially is registered the decease of three people due to the overflow of the El Castaño River, which has also caused damage to some 50 houses and other material losses.

In this regard, he also ordered the mobilization of heavy machinery to clear the sector in which Governor Karina Carpio is already in charge of operations.