Established productive goal of 80,000 hectares in communal territories

The President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, announced on Wednesday the goal of the Bolivarian Government to activate production in 80,000 hectares through community organizations by 2022:

«This year we have the goal of 80,000 hectares of production in communal territories, that goal must be supported and if it is possible to expand it, I assign the maximum responsibility and absolute dedication to the minister of communes in order to ensure that the 80,000 communal hectares are met”, he pointed out.

He highlighted his motivation for the goal of reaching this figure, so that Community Councils and Communes can produce food for the Venezuelan families.

The national executive advances in scientific development to improve the performance of food production in the country:

We are advancing in science (to improve) performance per hectare and sooner rather than later we are going to drive the world crazy, with performances that are the product of science, knowledge and work”, he said.