Maduro: Next May 20 will be activated 1×10 of Good Government

The President of the Republic, Nicolás Maduro, reported that next Friday, May 20, the 1×10 method of Good Government will be activated throughout the country, an initiative that will mark “a new stage of government in the streets with the people.”

“The technological proposal is already quite mature, quite prepared, robust from the people, so that the 1 × 10 is put to use,” the Head of State announced this Monday during a meeting of the Council of Vice Presidents and the Political High Command.

In this sense, he assured that the 1 × 10, which will be integrated into the Patria system, will allow a new stage of management to attend to “priorities in real time, listening to the clamor of the people, the proposals of the people and acting.”

Let no one distract from the growth path:

In this regard, the national president reiterated that Venezuela is going through a stage of real economic recovery, which is aimed at “consolidating growth, stability and benefits” for the population:

“We are fine-tuning the lines, we are placing central emphasis on the consolidation of this first economic recovery process that we are experiencing with our own efforts,” he said.

Likewise, he denounced the interest of certain sectors in tarnishing these efforts and sowing a negative matrix in the face of the achievements made in terms of economic recovery:

Let no one get distracted, we are achieving results, now we are riding (…) We all have to get on the line to work for the improvement of Venezuela. If Venezuela improves, it is good for everyone, it is good for the youth, for women, for men, for the working class”, he stressed.

He indicated that they are “optimistic with the numbers for the first quarter,” which he described as “highly encouraging.”

Hundreds of investors:

Referring to the announcements made last week about the offer on the Stock Exchange of between 5 and 10% of the shares of public companies, he stated that hundreds of investors have already expressed interest in participating in the acquisition of shares of public companies:

The investment expectations are gigantic. Hundreds of investors ready to get on to invest in the shares of the share package from 5% to 10%. The engineering is already done to put it on the stock exchanges”, he said.

Investment promotion:

Maduro indicated that during the work journey they also evaluated new actions to promote investments and exports, as well as issues related to education, health, the social agenda, the Socialist Mission Bases and the upcoming relaunch of the popular leadership of the Local Supply Committees. and Production (Clap), Bolívar-Chávez Battle Units (UBCH), communes, communal councils, among others.

For this reason, he recalled that since Friday he declared the Council of Ministers and the Vice Presidents of the Government to be in permanent session to carry out a “complete remodeling of the government’s priorities and to clearly define the priorities and strategic lines of this stage.”