Jorge Rodríguez: Kidnapping of Alex Saab is an act of retaliation by the US empire

The president of the National Assembly (AN), Jorge Rodríguez, assured this Thursday that an act of retaliation was perpetrated against the Venezuelan diplomat Alex Saab for helping to acquire food and medicines for the Venezuelan people:

They in the Empire are foaming with rage. Food and medicine was the mission that Saab fulfilled in the countries he visited to help Venezuela. That is the reason for the cruelty. We denounced his kidnapping to the whole world!”, He wrote on the Twitter social network.

This Wednesday, in an ordinary session of the AN, it was unanimously approved to demand the acknowledgment of Alex Saab as a diplomat of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela.

The document will be delivered by a parliamentary commission to Saab’s family, as an act of solidarity, and it was agreed to publish it in the Official Gazette and give it maximum dissemination.

The parliament formed a special commission made up of deputies Pedro Infante, Carola Chávez, Ilenia Medina, who will be in charge of bringing the agreement to the diplomat’s wife, Camila Fabri de Saab.

On June 12, 2020, Alex Saab, Venezuela’s special envoy to the Islamic Republic of Iran, was illegally detained in Cape Verde and handed over to the United States Government, where he is charged with money laundering conspiracy.

In February 2021, the defense of the special envoy of Venezuela began the challenge of the accusation from Miami, Florida, and affirmed his immunity and inviolability. That presentation was rejected in March 2021 by the judge handling the case in Miami, Scola.

Alex Saab’s lawyers appealed that decision in the 11th Circuit of the United States Court of Appeals, arguing that due to the diplomat’s immunity, no authority outside the jurisdiction of the country that appointed him can judge him.