AN will ask the Argentine Congress to investigate an attempted invasion promoted by former President Macri

The National Assembly of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela will send an official letter to the Argentine Congress to request that it initiate a “rigorous investigation” into the alleged invasion attempt against Venezuela planned in 2019 during the administration of former President Mauricio Macri, as reported the President of the AN, Jorge Rodríguez.

He stated that he will request the sending of “a letter to the presidency of the Congress of the Republic of Argentina so that it initiates a rigorous investigation into the facts denounced in the article by journalist Horacio Verbitsky”, Rodríguez pointed out during the plenary session of the legislative body this Tuesday.

In addition to the letter, he proposed sending a special commission of Venezuelan deputies to Argentina to meet with representatives of Congress to formalize the request for this investigation of the reported facts.

Operation “Puma

It is worth remembering that this Sunday, the “El Cohete a la Luna” web portal ( published a research paper detailing that between April and July 2019, the Argentine army carried out the “Puma” drill that contemplated the invasion of Venezuela, with practices in seven sessions held in the Campo de Mayo garrison, all with a view to sending troops in an eventual intervention led by US forces.

The president of the AN recognized his concern for the lack of reaction, until now, on the part of the Argentine Government in the face of the seriousness of the reported events:

So that they at least investigate, that they at least say that this happened, say if it is true or not, if the people of Argentina agreed with this. That they at least tell us, that they at least open a brief investigation that certifies these facts, whether or not they are real”, demanded Rodríguez.

Likewise, he urged the officials of the Argentine State to remember that during the Malvinas War, the first thing the United States did was “to lend its territory and use its intelligence to attack the Argentine people and surrender the Malvinas” to Great Britain.

Let them remember how many times we have been in solidarity with them. Let them remember how many times Hugo Chávez raised his voice to defend the Argentine Republic”, he concluded.