Foreign Minister Plasencia accuses Duque of leading «selective annihilation» after new massacre in Colombia

The Minister of the Popular Power for Foreign Relations, Félix Plasencia, assured that the President of Colombia, Iván Duque, is the leader of the «selective annihilation» that is being carried out in the neighboring country, after the new massacre that occurred in the San Antonio del Jamundí municipality, Valle del Cauca, where three Venezuelans were murdered.

Through his Twitter account, @PlasenciaFelix, the Venezuelan Foreign Minister regretted the event and denounced that the Colombian president «intends to evade responsibilities with his empty speech and his traditional false positives.»

Félix Plasencia
Another massacre that causes sorrow to the brother Colombian people! Mr. Duque, leader of this selective annihilation, tries to evade responsibilities with his empty speech and his traditional false positives.”

In this sense, he urged Duque to respect the Peace Accords, «for which Colombians, Venezuelans, the international community and the UN work so hard, and allow the conflict and the structural humanitarian crisis that Colombia is experiencing and that affects to the entire region to de-escalate.”

«You are also to blame for the fact that 10 million internally displaced persons cannot live in peace in the territory of your country and for the assassination of 171 social leaders and 1,286 signatories of the Peace Accords in 2021» lashed Minister Plasencia.

In this regard, on behalf of Venezuela, he reiterated the call to international organizations and UN agencies «to stop this practice that violates human rights.»

In what represents the first massacre that occurred in Colombia in 2022, three Venezuelans were murdered, according to the Institute for Development and Peace Studies (Indepaz).

The victims worked in the construction sector and had lived in Colombian territory for five years, the identities of the murdered have not yet been recognized.