Venezuela reaches 74% of the population vaccinated against COVID-19

The population vaccinated against COVID-19 in Venezuela rose to 74%, whose goal at the end of December aims to immunize 90% of its citizens.

This was reported by President Nicolás Maduro, who emphasized that there are enough doses in the country for the vaccination of 95% of the population, after the arrival of a batch of more than 2,500,000 doses through the COVAX mechanism:

They tried to close all the doors to Venezuela so that we could not get vaccines, and used them in a manipulated way, for politicking (…) The Bolivarian Government, with patience, got the money for COVAX and we surprised imperialism, we brought the vaccines step by step and we are already going through 74% of the population vaccinated”, he pointed out from Miraflores Palace, in Caracas.

He explained that among the entities with the highest percentage of people vaccinated against COVID-19 are: Capital District, Táchira, La Guaira, Miranda, Carabobo, Mérida, Lara, Cojedes and Guárico states.

In contrast, Barinas, Delta Amacuro, Monagas, Sucre, Apure and Bolívar states register low levels of the vaccination goal, which is why he urged reinforcing the “attention, motivation of the population and house-to-house visits”.

Through a satellite contact with Zulia state, President Nicolás Maduro verified the progress of house-by-house health deployments in the Francisco Eugenio Bustamante parish of the Maracaibo municipality.

The governor of Zulia state, Omar Prieto, specified that 2,648,755 people immunized against COVID-19 in the 818 vaccination points enabled in the entity.

In this sense, the regional coordinator of Barrio Adentro in Zulia, Elsa Manzanilla, indicated that the 64 Integral Community Health Areas (ASIC) have vaccination points and teams deployed daily to capture positive cases of COVID-19.

Weekly balance:

Regarding the weekly incidence of COVID-19 infections, President Nicolás Maduro specified that there are no changes compared to the previous period, maintaining a rate of 19 cases per 100,000 inhabitants.

He explained that the sustained decrease in the contagion curve coincides with the progressive increase in immunization on a national scale. In this regard, he reiterated that they expect to reach 80% of the vaccinated population by November 30.