COVID: Venezuela registers 952 new community and 1 imported case in the last 24 hours

952 new of community transmission infections by Covid-19 and one imported case from Panama, were registered in Venezuela in the last 24 hours. Anzoátegui is the entity with the highest number of cases in 8 of its 21 municipalities for a total of 227 cases, followed by Merida with 152, Lara with 118, Yaracuy with 9th and Falcón state, with 72 cases.

11 Venezuelans died from Coronavirus, bringing the death toll to 4,936 deceases to date.

599 days after confirming the first case of Covid-19 in Venezuela, 410,648 is the total number of infections, with 395,240 recovered patients and 10,472 current active cases.

Vaccination has been accelerated in the country under instructions of President Nicolás Maduro, which is why Venezuelans are called to go to the vaccination centers without needing a prior appointment to complete their immunization process.