President Maduro: Venezuela has resumed the growth of the real economy

This 2021 Venezuela has resumed the real growth of the economy and in the coming years it will be sustained, said on Wednesday the President of the Republic, Nicolás Maduro, leading a new productive Wednesday journey dedicated to the export sector, held at Miraflores Palace:

«We have been recovering little by little, is there yet a long way to go? Yes, and we are going to make it. In the coming years we are going to have sustained growth so that the economy works in a healthy way, without depending on oil”, he said.

During this journey, the export plans were reviewed, an activity in which the president announced the unification of rates to bring national products to international markets, through airports.

He requested private and public sectors, small and medium-sized industries and the business sector in general, to join together to raise the country’s productive and export capacities: «May you count with my full support,» stressed the head of state.

Through a television contact was announced a visit to the Génica company in Zulia state, to verify its capacity for dairy processing, with more than 200 tons of products exported this year.

Similarly, in Nueva Esparta state the projection of the installed capacity of the “Perla del Sur” Plant for the production of sardines was presented, with a staff of 480 and an installed capacity to process 240,000 cans of sardines.

Meanwhile, in Cojedes state, the productive capacity of the Edil waterproofing products factory was verified, an entity that has a presence in the national and international market.