AN Special Commission discussed proposal for constitutional amendment for full sovereignty over the Essequibo

The Special Commission of the National Assembly plans to continue the debate next week of the proposed Amendment number 2, to establish in the Magna Carta that the Essequibo is part of the territory of Venezuela. This was informed by the President of the Special Commission for the Defense of the Territory of the Guayana Esequiba and the territorial sovereignty of the National Assembly (AN), Deputy Hermann Escarrá.

In this regard, within the Commission were presented three proposals for possible amendment of Articles 10 and 11 of the Bolivarian Constitution on the concepts of geographical space, territory and sovereignty before the territorial dispute that exists with the Cooperative Republic of Guyana.

“We agreed to support the proposal referring to the amendment of Article 11 constitutional, which will serve to continue advancing on this issue,” detailed Escarrá.

Likewise, it will be said that in the agenda there is a meeting with representatives of the political parties of opposition and the great patriotic polo to inform the progress of this commission.

Likewise, he reported that at the next session they will define the transfer of the Commission to San Martín de Turumbang, a town in Bolivar State, and the Delta Amacuro state, neighboring entities of the Esequibo territory.

Glossary of Terms on the Guayana Esequiba:

This Friday, the rector of the Latin American and Caribbean University (ULCA), Elmo Bell Smyth, presented to the Commission a glossary of terms on Guayana Esequiba.

The compendium contains 180 words related to history, treaties and aspects of controversy, the result of the work of teachers and researchers in the country that are part of the Association of Bolivarian Rectors.

In the same way, the Officer of the Academic Study and Research Cabinet on the Esequibo, Bell Smyth, also offered details on the historical demonstration line of Venezuela sovereignty over the Esequibo.

The academic spokesman reported that a comparative study of the Constitutions of Venezuela and Guyana will be consigned; Likewise, the proposal of a diploma on studies of the Esequibo.