Courts of the Republic execute reforms that guarantee expeditious administration of justice

100 percent of the courts of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, implement the reforms that the Legislative Power recently approved, to guarantee the correct administration of justice.

Maikel Moreno, president of the Supreme Court of Justice, affirmed that the Judicial Power guarantees the effective fulfillment of the mandates that imply the application of the Organic Law of Reform of the Organic Code of Criminal Procedure, the Organic Law of Reform of the Organic Penitentiary Code, the Law of Reform of the Law for the Protection of Victims, Witnesses and other Procedural Subjects, the Organic Law of Reform of the Code of Military Justice, among others.

Maikel José Moreno Pérez


President of TSJ, Mag. Maikel Moreno, assured that 100% of the country’s courts execute legal reforms in judicial matters Presidente-del-tsj-mag-maikel-moreno- I assure-that-100-of-the-courts-of-the-country-execute-the-legal-reforms-in-judicial-matter”

The application of the reforms are synonymous with an expeditious and effective administration of justice, which guarantees due process and access to justice for citizens in the national territory.