Arreaza: Imperial aggressions seek to curb decision of the people of Venezuela to be free

“Venezuela, in addition to the great reserves and natural resources it possesses, has a conscious and determined people on its path: to be free and independent, hence the aggressions that the imperial powers have undertaken to end that clever patriot determination of the Venezuelans. , and thereby restore their privileges”, said the Minister for Foreign Affairs, Jorge Arreaza.

“Venezuela was always in the target of the imperial powers for their natural riches. Now the wealth of the conscience of a people that for them is a threat because we are willing to be free, to face any type of boycott and sustain a socialist and democratic project”, he said in an exclusive interview offered this week to the Página / 12 Argentinean newspaper, whichwas published this Sunday.

He mentioned that the empire sees an enemy in the Venezuelan people, because, with the Commander of the Bolivarian Revolution, Hugo Chávez, it was managed to curb the foreign interests, and began to walk on its own feet toward a more just and inclusive society.

He indicated that from there the sanctions and economic aggressions against the country, mainly by the United States Government, which intends with these actions to harm the Venezuelan people, and to which – as Arreza added – the Government of President Nicolás Maduro, ratified in the position on May 20 for the period 2019-2025, is clear about what the road is: work for the welfare of the people.

Arreaza mentioned that in that sense Venezuela – a country that the United States intends to block from all sides – counts, on the other hand, with “other partners and allies with whom to negotiate,” such as Russia, China, Iran and Turkey: “They are the big seekers for oil, and they are our allies”, he said in the interview.

He also regretted that Venezuela is economically attacked for betting on democracy and the people’s decision through voting, which he considered “the upside down world”.

In that sense, he celebrated the democratic spirit and civility of Venezuelans and expressed himself in the May 20 elections, in which “there was, then, a people willing with real options where a candidate proposed socialism, the presence of a strong State, the people’s organization, the defense of sovereignty, and another candidate who proposed to go to the IMF, to dollarize the economy and deliver the future of the country to the transnational businesses. Based on the results, I believe that the true hero is the Venezuelan people and the real victory is due to them and we must offer it”.

From now on, he reiterated that the task to be fulfilled is to strengthen the economy, production, the national currency.

“We are focused on organizing and protecting our people, stabilizing the economy and deepening our independence. When that is clear and the efforts are not dispersed then progress is made”, he said.

He also added: “We make great efforts to protect the people from the bombing of imperialism and we are going to take the country to a more stable, prosperous and democratic situation than what we achieved with Commander Chávez because that was one of the orders he gave us and which is to build the democratic socialism of the 21st century. Our destiny is victory”.