Rodríguez: The US and its allies in the region seek a military intervention in Venezuela

The Minister of Communication and Information, Jorge Rodriguez, said on Sunday that the Government of the United States and Colombia, together with the countries that make up the so-called Lima Group in the region, are betting on violence and a fratricidal war between Venezuelan brothers, and they oppose the dialogue process, to encourage a foreign intervention.

In his opinion, the opposition prefers to align itself with the Lima Cartel, the Donald Trump Government, the Governments from Colombia, from Spain, violence, war, as opposed to dialogue. «In Venezuela, a fratricidal war has not been unleashed because Chavismo has remained unscathed by calling for dialogue».

He emphasized that there exists for the Revolutionary Government, an alternative contrary to the dialogue, he added that although they know of the deep divisions in which the right wing live, and that have also sown a hatred matrix among their followers, this makes it difficult for them to sign a agreement with the Chavismo.

The Minister detailed that what Almagro (Luis), Mariano Rajoy and Santos (Juan Manuel) wants is to see a situation of overflowing violence in order to act violently against Venezuela through a military intervention.

Finally, he said: «This has not happened because the great majority of Venezuelans are united around President Nicolás Maduro, defending the Homeland and the right to live in peace and tranquility», he said during his participation in the «José Vicente Hoy» (José Vicente Today) program.