Maduro: Only with production we will overcome the criminal blockade

The President of the Republic, Nicolás Maduro, stressed this Wednesday that the national productive cycle must be strengthened in order to (be able to) overcome the criminal blockade that plagues the country, with the goal of improving the economic system:

The Venezuela that is in the Venezuelan countryside is the real Venezuela, the one that produces despite the sanctions and attacks against our country. The future of humanity lies in the work and the earth”, said the head of state from Aragua state in a new productive Wednesday journey, within the framework of the closure of the 2021 Rains Cycle.

In this context, the national president urged to prepare and work to culminate this 2021 with better economic indices: “We must think big for the economic closure of this year, everything indicates that we are going to recover a new era of economic growth in the country. That must be imposed through production”, he said.

He pointed out that Venezuela is building an alternative project to imperial predatory capitalism, imperialism that has not ceased its campaign against Venezuela in 21 years.

He also stated that “in the face of the challenges of world agriculture, we must ensure that we can depend on our own efforts”, he stressed.

During this journey it was known that more than 370 hectares of yellow and white corn remain in production process by the Productive Company of the Bolivarian National Armed Forces AGROFANB: “We must guarantee the expansion of AGROFANB in ​​these 3 years to come, in 2024 AGROFANB must be a great engine”, he instructed.

In this regard, he reiterated the need to increase the production of indigenous seeds for the necessary items: “Each productive unit in the country must produce its seed, break dependency and guarantee agri-food sovereignty (…) sovereign seeds will allow sustainability to the expansion process of the agricultural economy”, he insisted.

He assured that organic farming is the future for supplying the Venezuelan population: “We must think big to achieve the productive advance of the country”, he reiterated.