Venezuela will celebrate 67 years of Supreme Commander Hugo Chávez

On the occasion of the 67th birthday of Supreme Commander Hugo Chávez, on Wednesday July 28, 2021, a musical tribute will be held at the Cuartel de la Montaña (Mountain Barracks).

“A seed made song” is the name of the activity in which will participate Jorge Arreaza Chávez and Helena Bravo on violin, Marielena España on cello, Carmen Victoria Alvaray on flute and José Luis Alvaray on percussion.

In addition, there will be performing Chiche Manaure, Centauro Saher, José Garcés, Sandino Primera and Sol Mussett, singing men and women of Venezuela.

The celebration of the life of Supreme Commander Hugo Chávez, can be enjoyed from 2:00 pm through the social networks @fundacionhugochavez on Instagram, @Fundacion_HCH on Twitter, Fundación Hugo Chávez on Facebook and on the Hugo Chávez Foundation YouTube channel.