Venezuela denounces blockage of resources paid for broadcasting rights of Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games

The President of the Republic Nicolás Maduro denounced that the international banking has blocked resources paid by Venezuela to secure the broadcasting rights of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games in the country, qualifying this action as a new aggression, a product of the illegal and unilateral coercive measures applied by the government of the United States against the Venezuelan people:

“It is a consequence of the financial persecution, and this prevents the organizing committee from collecting the money already paid by Venezuela,” he added.

While leading a new journey of productive Wednesday, the Head of State announced that the Minister of People’s Power for Youth and Sports, Melvin Maldonado, is in Tokyo, Japan, negotiating the release of these resources so that the Venezuelan people can enjoy for free the broadcasting of the games and the participation of our Golden Generation in the world sports event.

Likewise, he instructed the Vice-President of the Republic, Delcy Rodríguez, to reiterate and formalize the denunciation of this new blockade before the corresponding bodies, emphasizing it as a new demonstration of the banking persecution against Venezuela, “due to the imperial determination”.

It is worth remembering that the 32nd Olympic Games 2020 edition will be held between Saturday, July 31 and August 8, for the second time in history in the city of Tokyo, and have been rescheduled due to the global contingency caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Venezuela will participate with 44 athletes in 13 categories, who have all the equipment and support from the Bolivarian Government.