COVID: Venezuela registered 1,109 cases in the last 24 hours

1,109 new infections by Covid-19, 1,089 by community transmission and 20 imported cases, were reported in Venezuela in the last 24 hours.

Most of the community cases occurred in Sucre, Miranda states and the Capital District, the figures are 186, 145 and 102 coronavirus cases respectively.

The imported cases came from Panama, the Dominican Republic, Turkey, Mexico, Chile and Iran, with entry through La Guaira state.

At 486 days of pandemic, Venezuela has 288,099 confirmed cases, 270,996 people recovered, 13,776 active cases, 13,241 patients in hospitals and 535 in clinics.

6,609 people are asymptomatic, 5,618 have mild acute respiratory failure, 1,118 moderate acute respiratory failure, and 431 are in intensive care units.

12 compatriots lost their lives, which is why the population is urged to conscience and discipline, to avoid new infections by Covid-19.