Leopoldo López organized criminal operation “Fiesta de Caracas” from Madrid

The president of the National Assembly, AN, deputy Jorge Rodíguez, revealed on Tuesday evidences about the events that recently occurred in Caracas, where criminal groups carried out criminal actions in the southwest of the capital.

At a press conference offered from the Federal Legislative Palace, the head of parliament showed a series of WhatsApp messages where Leopoldo López, under the alias of “Gavilán” (“Hawk”), organized the criminal actions that these gangs stationed at Cota 905 and El Cementerio.

“Leopoldo López, from the comfort of his mansion, wrote to them to give instructions and called himself “Gavilán”, said Rodríguez.

Rodríguez denounced that among the contacts López had for the organization of these terrorist actions were Freddy Guevara and Luis Somaza who were in charge, along with Gilber Caro and Hasler Iglesias, of “finalizing the details” to carry out this operation that they called the “Fiesta de Caracas” (Party of Caracas).

In this regard, he showed the messages “that they erased, without knowing that those messages are recovered with a home program, just as we have done”, said Rodríguez when exposing the instructions and conversations between López and his files in Caracas.

“They believed that since the Norwegians and the European Union’s Technical Exploratory Mission were here, they had impunity and sent Freddy Guevara to the meetings”, he said at the time of requesting that once the evidences against Gilber Caro and Emilio Graterón had been shown, the Public Ministry delivers arrest warrants.

The president of the National Assembly added that the investigations have found indications of the use of cryptocurrency platforms to finance these destabilizing, assassination and paramilitary operations.

No more pardons:

At this point, Rodríguez recalled that both Guevara and Gilber Caro have received pardons from the Venezuelan government as part of the goodwill gestures to sectors of the opposition that had requested it.

However, he urged an end to the automatic solidarity towards these characters whom he described as “criminals”:

Enough of automatic solidarity, he is a murderer, he is not a political leader, a political leader is the one who stands before the media and plants an idea, a political leader is who participates in elections, a political leader is who promotes an agenda within the framework of peace”, he affirmed, and then emphasized that “This Government and the negotiating tables are tired of pardoning Gilber Caro”.

He regretted that these pseudo leaders keep repeating and hiding behind the discourse of “political opposition” and warned that those who are in destabilizing actions against the country must bear the consequences:

“Then don’t be asking for pardons afterwards, enough already, it’s over!” He sentenced.